Elevated Perspective LLC

Hi there! Elevated is a design and marketing agency I started in July of 2023. A marketing agency is basically your business's hype squad! I come up with strategies to make sure people notice your brand. I do everything from designing ads to running social media campaigns. Think of me as the artists and storytellers who spreads the word about what makes your business awesome. Plus, we have the know-how to reach your target audience in a way that's both creative and super effective. I'm the behind-the-scenes magicians making sure your brand gets the spotlight it deserves!

What I Offer

Logo design & Brand Identity

Logo design and brand identity are like the fashion and personality of your business! The logo is that iconic symbol that people see and instantly think of you – it's your business's face in a crowd. Brand identity is the vibe your business gives off; it's the colors, fonts, and style that tell your story. Together, they're the dynamic duo that make sure your business isn't just another face in the crowd, but a total standout. It's all about making a memorable impression that sticks with people!

Website design and Development

Website design and development is like building a virtual home for your brand on the internet. Design is all about creating a welcoming and stylish space that looks great and is easy to navigate. Development is the construction work behind the scenes, turning the design into a fully functioning site. It's the combo of a good eye for design and some serious tech skills that make a website not just pretty, but smart and user-friendly too. Whether you're setting up shop or sharing your passion with the world, your website is your digital handshake, saying "Hey, nice to meet you!" to the world.

Content creation

Content creation is like filling up a treasure chest with cool, valuable stuff that people can't wait to discover. It's all about crafting articles, videos, graphics, and posts that are so interesting or useful that people just have to share them. Whether it's a blog post that solves a problem, a meme that makes everyone laugh, or a video that's just too good not to pass along, content creation is the art of making things that grab attention and make people want to come back for more. It's storytelling for the digital age, where you're the author, director, and artist all rolled into one!


Videography is like capturing life's moments with a magic wand! It's the art of recording the action, the emotions, and the stories as they unfold, all through the lens of a camera. From scripting and shooting to editing and final touches, videographers are the visual storytellers who turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. Whether it's a wedding, a wild adventure, or just everyday awesomeness, videography is all about freezing those moments in time so you can relive them over and over. It's like having a time machine in your pocket!

Creative Photography

Creative photography is used for a variety of purposes! It can be used to express emotions, capture unique perspectives, tell stories, showcase artistic vision, and even promote products or services in a visually appealing way. Whether it's for personal enjoyment, professional endeavors, or sharing your creativity with the world, creative photography allows you to explore your imagination and create stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression. It's a way to add your own artistic touch to the world of photography! 

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