As it Above; So it Below

My original theme for this project was Energy. I decided to gather my inspiration from a quote, “as it above, so it below” This quote comes from several different backgrounds, some religious, and some philosophical or scientific and has always fascinated me with its many interpretations. I decided to create my own visual interpretation based off my own understanding, upbringing, and research upon the topic. I incorporated the concept of symmetry, things being the same on both sides, but I also incorporated opposites as well. At the top I have the water, which is viewed as life or essential, and calm or soothing, but it’s also one of the most powerful, chaotic, most destructive elements. While at the bottom, there is fire which is commonly seen as destructive and harmful, but it’s very essential for life and represents the life within us. In each of the hands I have the opposite element in a controlled form. This shows that we can harness the chaos of these elements and control them or manipulate them. Some inspiration for the opposite elements within the hands came from the idea of yin and yang. Yin and Yang is the concept of harmony within the world. that there must be booth good and evil, chaos and order, freedom and structure in order for life to prosper, grow and thrive. Not only just good and evil etc. but good within the evil, and evil within the good.

For the background and main focal point there are mountains, and they are reflected to be symmetrical. The peak of the mountain at the top and bottom incorporate triangles which represent structure or strength. I wanted to show that the earth itself is our support, and it’s just as vital as water or fire. To add to the structural effect, I drew a diamond around the triangle elements of the mountain to frame it, and leaving it open to represent freedom. In the center there is a tree with a reflection of itself. I wanted a tree to tie together all the elements, but to also bring in symbolism. For the spiritual part of this I wanted to show the tree of life. The roots and the branches are similar if not identical in structure and both provide different but vital forces for the tree. There is neither top or bottom in this picture, you can flip it and you won’t even know its upside down and that’s intentional. I wanted the visuals for this piece to speak for themselves and show spirituality more than anything. Many religions have importance in nature and use symmetry often, even in metaphorical instances (Heaven and hell, God and Satan, Narakas and Nirvana). Overall, I wanted everyone that looked at this to understand that it was about how we are A PART, or combined of something bigger than ourselves, and not separate from that Bigger something.

-Adam McClain

McClains Helping Hands LLC

This website was made for a small contracting company that was in need of having an online way of communication. Specifically the client wanted thew website to accept and organize bookings to maximize their schedule, as well as accepting payments over the internet that automatically goes into their account while being able to send paper invoices and tracking all aspects of their business via one place.


This website was created for a startup organization...

Walter Davis Memorial Scholarship

This website was made for a scholarship organization. The clients wanted a website the allows students to view, apply, and submit their website all to one place. In addition to the application they wanted to allow users to be able to understand the history of the scholarship including how it was started as well as accepting donations from the community

Fishers of Men

This website was made for a non-profit organization that works with young men in the community, helping them earn life skills as sell as earning a wage.