Borderline tattoo

This is a tattoo I designed for myself. I have two different versions I made that are a year apart, and this is the newest one. I wanted to show many different feelings within this piece but primarily the focus is on the name "borderline", I chose the outline shape of a diamond because The diamond represents a sense of confidence and stability. Although the main feeling of this work is instability, It shows how through the confusion of not knowing his true emotions, leaves a sense of false confidence and stability. The man is sitting on the cliff with no face wearing his hoodie to show that the main character is depressed, sitting on the edge not sure what he should do. His focus is on the hands below him which represents how he feels, he is reaching out for help but his demons, or thoughts, are pulling him down. He isn't screaming for help even though he resist them, but he feels he can never escape them. They are apart of his DNA which is seen on the outside of the diamond splintering off looking for a connection, pitch black like toxic venom, tampering any new connections it ever makes. On the right side there is a tree, and on the inside, the tree is dead, only branches that bear no fruit, while on the outside, the other side of the tree is prosperous. This shows that individual feels dead inside, and has nothing to offer for themselves, but for others he can provide many things despite how he feels. He holds the pitcher to fill up others, but is incapable of filling his own cup. Finally at the top of the diamond, there is the all seeing eye. This alone represents the anxiety within ones mind. That there is no such thing as privacy, even the thoughts he has are being judged. Although no one actually sees what's going on behind closed doors or in his head, he will always be his biggest critic, and his biggest oppressor. Never allowing the individual to feel good about anything he ever does. The individual is on the borderline of collapse, trying not to let his DNA win, resulting in the constant battle with himself. One he cannot win, unless he accepts his fate.

McClains Helping Hands LLC

This website was made for a small contracting company that was in need of having an online way of communication. Specifically the client wanted thew website to accept and organize bookings to maximize their schedule, as well as accepting payments over the internet that automatically goes into their account while being able to send paper invoices and tracking all aspects of their business via one place.


This website was created for a startup organization...

Walter Davis Memorial Scholarship

This website was made for a scholarship organization. The clients wanted a website the allows students to view, apply, and submit their website all to one place. In addition to the application they wanted to allow users to be able to understand the history of the scholarship including how it was started as well as accepting donations from the community

Fishers of Men

This website was made for a non-profit organization that works with young men in the community, helping them earn life skills as sell as earning a wage.