A state of despair, typically one which results in RASH or extreme behavior.

This piece is a direct reflection of what desperation feels to me. The color of the body is primarily purple, with shades of blue. I wanted to depict the feeling of depression and the weight behind it. To show the weight of depression through this feeling the subject is on its knees crawling while having the appearance that their bleeding or melting and the gravity is trying to hold them down in a puddle of darkness. The head of the subject is red, which signifies the anxiety and anger associated with this state of mind; however the anger and anxiety is the only fuel the subject has left. Without it, the subject would be collapsed and stuck inside the depression failing to even attempt to move from it.  Around the head there are waves that may resemble an explosion or distortion of some sort in the mind. This holds the idea that when in this state of mind there is no clarity, or thinking rationally, your thoughts move fluidly in every direction, looking for a specific outcome no matter the cost. I had also used scribbling to cover the face to help express this further. The subject is on their knees crawling and reaching for something that's no longer there, hoping and longing for that outcome that doesn't exist. This is a dangerous place to be when your only tools for fighting depression is the anger and regret you hold onto. Ideally i wanted to show what your body feels like when in this state of mind. 

McClains Helping Hands LLC

This website was made for a small contracting company that was in need of having an online way of communication. Specifically the client wanted thew website to accept and organize bookings to maximize their schedule, as well as accepting payments over the internet that automatically goes into their account while being able to send paper invoices and tracking all aspects of their business via one place.


This website was created for a startup organization...

Walter Davis Memorial Scholarship

This website was made for a scholarship organization. The clients wanted a website the allows students to view, apply, and submit their website all to one place. In addition to the application they wanted to allow users to be able to understand the history of the scholarship including how it was started as well as accepting donations from the community

Fishers of Men

This website was made for a non-profit organization that works with young men in the community, helping them earn life skills as sell as earning a wage.