I wanted to capture both the disgusts, and desire associated with lust. A familiar and unfamiliar being.

Lust is a strong desire or craving for something or someone, often of a sexual nature. It is a powerful and often overwhelming feeling that can cloud a person's judgment and lead them to act impulsively or recklessly. Lust is often associated with physical attraction and sexual desire, but it can also refer to a more general craving or longing for something that is perceived as pleasurable or desirable. In some cases, lust can be seen as a negative or destructive force, as it can lead to unhealthy behaviors or relationships. However, in other contexts, lust can be seen as a natural and healthy part of human desire and can contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Ultimately, the meaning of lust depends on the individual and their personal beliefs, values, and experiences.

Lust is a feeling or emotion, so it cannot be seen directly.
After having the same nightmare over and over it becomes familiar to me. So familiar that not having it becomes a new nightmare of its own. It haunts me, then it comforts me, toxic in its ways. It moves me yet restrains me. It expresses and shows the disgusts I feel within myself, unable to free my mind from the hell I now call home. When your heart is empty, you fill it with anything, you fill it with everything.

McClains Helping Hands LLC

This website was made for a small contracting company that was in need of having an online way of communication. Specifically the client wanted thew website to accept and organize bookings to maximize their schedule, as well as accepting payments over the internet that automatically goes into their account while being able to send paper invoices and tracking all aspects of their business via one place.


This website was created for a startup organization...

Walter Davis Memorial Scholarship

This website was made for a scholarship organization. The clients wanted a website the allows students to view, apply, and submit their website all to one place. In addition to the application they wanted to allow users to be able to understand the history of the scholarship including how it was started as well as accepting donations from the community

Fishers of Men

This website was made for a non-profit organization that works with young men in the community, helping them earn life skills as sell as earning a wage.