self destruction

This work is a self portrait titled "self destruction". I chose this title to simply express exactly what the work means. The scratches show how I’ve been feeling, anxious,  angry, and confused. They show instability and fractures going on within ones self. Towards the back of the head you notice the cracks look more like a liquid form melting or dripping out the back of my head. I wanted this to express the fluidity of the thoughts in my mind. Constantly moving and sloshing around, no structure no control, all random and unique, entangled and messy attempting to stay contained or restrained in my mind, but as the cracks grow, they begin to leak. Over the mouth there are red stitches and in the background there are lips sewn shut. I've felt restraint when attempting to speak up for myself. Not because I'm scared but because its hard for me to know what I'm trying to say, so I sit in silence trying to figure it out. The screaming at the top behind the main subject represents what I would like to do with all the built up thoughts and emotions inside. The consequences of bottling up.  The eye in the background  represents anxiety, always feeling like I'm being watched and judged, not only by others, but myself as well. The halo above my head is to show that despite all the negatives I see or perceive within myself, I try and show myself grace. I am only human and make mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes, but that is apart of being human. I know that my intent is good and I don't wish to harm others. I may not be or ever be a good guy, but I'm not a bad one either. I chose the background color to be blue/gray to represent the cold dark place of depression. Like a thick dark ominous cloud and the red represent pain and symbolize blood. 

McClains Helping Hands LLC

This website was made for a small contracting company that was in need of having an online way of communication. Specifically the client wanted thew website to accept and organize bookings to maximize their schedule, as well as accepting payments over the internet that automatically goes into their account while being able to send paper invoices and tracking all aspects of their business via one place.


This website was created for a startup organization...

Walter Davis Memorial Scholarship

This website was made for a scholarship organization. The clients wanted a website the allows students to view, apply, and submit their website all to one place. In addition to the application they wanted to allow users to be able to understand the history of the scholarship including how it was started as well as accepting donations from the community

Fishers of Men

This website was made for a non-profit organization that works with young men in the community, helping them earn life skills as sell as earning a wage.